Friday, January 31, 2014

Reduce No-Shows, Improve Client Service and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Going back and forth via email and text messaging to establish appointment times can be a pain. It's inefficient and prone to miscommunication.  

One online tool that hopes to solve this problem and seems to be getting great reviews is YouCanBook.Me

The service works off your Google Calendar by allowing people to choose available time, so you'll need to use Google Calendar to keep track of your appointments. 

From the website:
Get email alerts when someone books, reduce 'no-shows' and help your customers through SMS and email reminders. 

Your Customers can view and book either tentative or confirmed appointments that go straight into your diary. 

You can try the service for free, and if you enjoy it, you can upgrade at any time for more features. 

Check it out today:

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