Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lock and Shop

The Murray Group is still offering one of the best programs available in the Triangle area - check out the details on our "Lock and Shop" Program and recommend to your clients today.  With one phone call or email - we can have you helping your client find their dream home anywhere in the Triangle.

  • Lock in today's rate for over 60 days while you look for a new home
  • Available on HUD, FHA and conforming mortgages
  • Extended locks fo up to 270 days on conforming loans (helps you to be able to
    wait out the process if your client is interested in a short sale or foreclosed home)

My Promise to You 
  •  to provide professional and friendly service to all customers regardless of economic status or loan size; 
  • to treat every customer with respect and dignity regardless of their circumstance; 
  • to offer the most competitive interest rates without sacrificing level of service;  
  • to ensure every customer walks away from the table knowi ng that they got the best possible deal and the absolute best possible service

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