Tuesday, April 10, 2012

67% of Home Sellers More Likely to Choose an Agent that Uses A Mobile Marketing Plan

Many Realtors may be fortunate to be with a large brand that provides mobile apps as part of their marketing package.  But what if you are an independent agent or work with a very small brand or local agency?  Are you missing out on the world of mobile apps thinking it is cost prohibitive?

According to a recent study of potential home sellers conducted by Philadelphia based research firm Devine and Powers, 49% of respondents said they would be more likely to use an agent who offered a mobile solution as part of their marketing plan, while 67% said it would be a major deciding factor in choosing a Realtor. 

We scoured the internet and have found several resources for affordable realtor mobile apps and mobile sites.  Here's our list, and i am sure there are more. If you know of a good one that we didn't list - please post in the comment field and share with us!

1. FLIKMO Real Estate Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites
Benefits: Easy to use, quick set up with each prooperty taking less than one minute to set up and risk free - month to month no long term contracts. 

Carriers Supported: AT&T, T-Mobile®, Sprint, Alltel, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Dobson, US Cellular, Nextel

About: Mobile programs are one of the most effective marketing solutions real estate agents and companies. There's no better way to get listing information to a potential buyer than allowing those individuals to text in an address or keyword when driving by a 'for sale' property.  Other effective real estate tools include:
  • Keep your client list updated on new listings
  • Send new listing updates in the form of virtual video tours and slideshows
  • Include Text-to info on your promotional and marketing materials
  • Property location / Drive-by solutions

2.  REALTOR.com  (this is a listing access app - not a personal app for your site or listings)
About: The REALTOR.com app is a real estate app for your smart phone and tablet. Whether you prefer Apple, Android or Windows, the same real estate listings from REALTOR.com are available at your fingertips and on the go for over 3 million homes for sale, rentals, and millions more property records and other types of real estate. The REALTOR.com real estate app is also free so that you are free to find the real estate information you need whenever and wherever you need it. 

3.  The Murray Group offers marketing support for our realtor partners.
Yes, we are a mortgage brokerage first - but we know the value of offering our agents more support to help them grow their business.  Drop Chris Murray an email today to learn about our mobile marketing, text messaging with call capture, HD galleries, property widgets, single property websites, social networking and other great marketing support.

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