Monday, April 9, 2012

House Hunters Show Featured Raleigh and Wake Forest NC Properties

Did anyone see the House Hunters episode that aired April 6th?  

Three homes in the Triangle were showcased on HGTV’s popular House Hunter television series! The episode featured an Iraq War veteran and his German-born wife searching for their first home.

The show was filmed over five days, and Raleigh real estate agent Angie Cole took the couple across Wake County.  They toured several residential communities before narrowing their choices down to two homes in Raleigh and one in Wake Forest.  The show pits a bit of controversy between husband and wife - he wants to live in the suburbs, but she prefers an older home in the Raleigh downtown area as all their friends are in that area.  They have a small son so a yard is important to them. 

In the end, you can probably guess who wins the argument - the wife! Don't worry if you missed it - the show will probably air again as re-runs - as most episodes do.

Cole, a buyer specialist with the Rachel Kendall Team of Keller Williams Realty in Raleigh, has been selling houses in the Triangle for about four years and says she is scheduled to shoot another episode of House Hunters that will air later this year.  

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Thanks for the fun topic for today Angie and Rachel.  Enjoy your week everyone - spring sales are in full swing.

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